Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MIRKO UHLIG & MARCUS OBST – The Vertical Horse Lesson


The weird title of this self-produced 3-inch CD comes from a bizarre circumstance: Uhlig and Obst (the latter better known as Dronæment) unsuccessfully tried to take horseback riding lessons a while ago, both ending their experience with a dramatic failure, the stallion mercilessly sending them back to earth (in all senses). Dishonoured and depressed, the aspirant riders decided to make good use of the accident by putting two different microphones on the horse, respectively on the mane and in the nostrils (to be honest I still wonder if the couple’s report of the episode on the press release is indeed a joke), to capture animal-related sonic materials to be altered in the studio.

I really don’t know how sounds derived from the movements of a horse can be turned into creamily humming drones, but these German boys made it happen. These twenty one minutes – subdivided in nine tracks, heaven knows the reason of this discontinuity – spread intoxicating caresses all around, in some cases making the loose parts in my room rattle from the intensity of the sub-bass frequencies. A very simple idea that functions brilliantly: the repeat mode will surely help in prolonging the contagious bliss that the listening educes. Thanks to these magnificent mumblings from the essence of equine illumination, it’s Deutschland Über Alles all over again.