Thursday, 1 January 2009

PYLÔNE - Grounded Hands

Sound On Probation

Under this moniker hides French electronic composer Laurent Perrier, of whom we reviewed As Far As last month. Grounded Hands shows the more mechanical facet of this artist’s music, based on reiterative rhythms and pulses more than anything. This kind of mechanism does possess a heart, although camouflaged under an apparent coldness: Perrier devises in fact sonic radiations that definitely furnish the record with an analogical (but not anachronistic) aura, its five tracks linked without interruptions just like in a suite. This “warmth” is indeed much welcome, especially in the sub-bass frequency sector that represents a cocoon-like wrapping under which the listener’s certainties get some comfort despite a few not really expected occurrences.

The general stance is one of “techno-minimalism” scarred by a degree of abstractness, with several enjoyable episodes that might vaguely recall the “easiest” components in the work of sound sculptors active in the area of labels such as For 4 Ears (Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang), with a sort of sugary decoration over the top and, in general, a simpler compositional structure. This didn’t prevent me from listening to the CD three or four consecutive times as, in any case, this is a well-conceived release.